Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Bad Prince and the Good Prince

We have been writing fairytales this week, all our stories had to have a setting, some characters and a problem. And the had to start with "once upon a time"

Here's Angels story

Once upon a time in an old haunted house with cracked windows, it had a scary spider and it had a dead tree outside. There lived a bad Prince and a good Prince who had a bad temper and he wanted to kill people. However the good prince can save the universe!
The end.

Here is Leenas's story

Once upon a time in an old dark, dark, haunted castle, there were lots of traps and some old trees and some spooky owls and some weapons and some spooky ghosts. In this castle there lived a bad prince with a robot that killed people and the bad prince wanted anything that he wanted. In the castle he had a broken windows with some weapons and some spooky spiders. The good prince and the bad prince had a fight one day and good prince had to kill the robot.

Jedidiah has written a great description of his house..

Once upon a time there was a haunted house with broken beds and ripped clothes in it. There were spiders up the wall and a witch lived in there. It has an empty garden with dead birds and dead bats hanging in the trees. It's got holes that have owls and mice living in them.